Oncology and Supportive Care

People are at the heart of what drives Teva Oncology.

With over 100 years of global pharmaceutical expertise, our mission is to provide solutions that advance cancer care and improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

Cancer treatment is often associated with side effects of the chemotherapy like neutropenia, where the number of infection-fighting white blood cells is reduced as a result of chemotherapy.


Breakthrough pain is a common problem in cancer patients. More than 1 in 2 cancer patients who are already controlling their everyday pain experience Breakthrough Pain1. Coming on suddenly and quickly, often without warning, it is usually short-lived – typically lasting about 30-60 minutes, although the episodes can vary.


We offer a range of products that help healthcare professionals to respond effectively to the individual requirements of each patient. 


Our vision is to work with the Australian oncology community: Together United Against Cancer.

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