Women's Health

In Women’s Health, Teva is striving to improve the quality of care and life for Women of all ages.

At Teva, we recognise that women’s needs are unique and change over time. Teva Women’s Health is positioned to support women at every stage of their life by investing in a portfolio of pharmaceutical solutions with women in mind.

We take a patient centric approach, with products for contraception and menopause management.


Teva is dedicated to improving Women’s Health:

-          Through our  collaborations with health care physicians to identify patients’ needs and further enhance patient care

-          Through our partnering with professional and patient groups

-          By supporting medical educational activities to ensure the appropriate use of our medicines and

-          Continuing to invest in identifying new and innovative solutions and products in Women’s Health


Teva maintains a commitment to making a difference in Women’s Health through integrity, creativity and collaboration to ensure we continue to drive improvements and bring healthcare solutions to our Patients and the Health Care Providers who prescribe our products.


Teva is an important contributor to improvements in women’s health.  At Teva, we’re passionate about making a difference to Women’s Health.