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​Fourth annual PatientView survey identifies Teva as a “Corporate Star” in the eyes of patients. Making medicines accessible is key to patient groups.

Patients Speak: Teva is a Corporate Star


 According to 165 patient groups with an interest in neurological conditions, Teva is a “Corporate Star”. This is the result of a 2014 global survey carried out by PatientView which assessed corporate reputation of the top 18 pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


In Second Place Overall

Teva was ranked in second place overall by neurological patient groups. The Company received high scores for our record on patient safety and transparency. Moreover, patients noted our dedication to the continued development of CNS-focused treatments and our patient support programs as a part of our Specialty CNS business. In addition, the patient groups praised Teva’s many generic offerings in the neurological therapy area.

“We are honored to be recognized by neurological patient groups who do such important work on behalf of those they support around the world. At Teva, our focus on CNS (including multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases, pain and migraine) is at the core of what we do, and we are committed to the continued development of safe and effective treatments, innovative technologies and comprehensive support programs that address the unmet needs of those who live with debilitating neurological diseases,” said Mike Derkacz, Senior Vice President and Head of Global CNS, Teva.

Where Patient Groups Focus

According to the PatientView report, Teva is ranked at the top for continuing development of CNS-focused treatments, patient safety and transparency, and our patient support programs as a part of our Specialty CNS business. In addition, fair pricing and the high quality of our generics portfolio contributed to this ranking. Finally, the strength of Teva's R&D portfolio focused on neurological diseases is also a key factor.

The report also notes that 14.7% of neurological patient groups and 14.3% of patient organizations in all therapy areas believe that providing high-quality, products with practical applications is what makes a company stand out among global pharma companies.

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