Teva Australia Launches new Brand

Following a successful global launch, Teva Australia has launched its new Branding into the market. This occurred at an industry event attended by over 150 attendees and was well received.

The New ‘Teva logo’ was developed following insights and feedback given by over 5,300 customers across the globe. These interviews provided 5 guiding principles for designers to consider;

  1. Ownable
  2. Distinctive
  3. Durable
  4. Doable
  5. Transformative

These guiding principles allowed Teva to develop a logo featuring a blue and green 'v', designed to represent "warm science" and "life". It is a logo that is a signal of change and of our aspirations.

Teva Logo

The old logo was largely industrial as Teva was essentially a generics manufacturing organisation. With a rapid growth across Australia and focus on brand products, retail, OTC and also Generics, the Australia team welcomes a fresh new brands that represents that transforming business. The 100+ employees are excited to be part of the new Teva image!

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