Update Regarding COVID-19

As a leading global pharmaceutical company, Teva provides essential medicines to millions of patients around the world every day. Our priorities remain focused on the health and well-being of our employees and our important responsibility to continue to provide these medicines to the nearly 200 million patients who depend on us every day.

Our employees across all aspects of our business are safeguarding the continuity of our activities and we are committed to supporting their efforts and caring for their personal health and safety. We are enacting all appropriate measures to ensure the safe supply and transport of our medicines and APIs, and have enacted measures that ensure our sites remain open, allowing us to maintain our business and manufacturing operations. We have reduced the number of people in our facilities to only those who are essential and may not work remotely. By doing our part to reduce proximity to one another, we hope to better protect our overall workforce, and ultimately, the communities in which we live.

The supply chain supporting our key products, brand and generics and API, remains uninterrupted, and with inventory of the products across our network. Additionally, based on analysis of potential scenarios, we currently have inventory and redundancy plans in place to address potential shortfalls, if any. Our China plant, which had been closed, is now returning to full operations.

On the regulatory level, we are currently not seeing an impact on approval processes for our products in the United States or elsewhere. This can change based on the circumstances.

Our industry plays a critical role, particularly during such challenging times. We are working with governments to do all they can, in partnership with our industry, to maintain the production, supply and distribution of high quality medicines to patients worldwide during this unprecedented global health crisis.

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