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Resources for patients treated with Actiq® 200mcg, 400mcg, 600mcg, 800mcg lozenges

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You have access to this website because your doctor has prescribed Actiq® lozenges for you.

Actiq® lozenges are rapid-onset opioids that are used to treat breakthrough cancer pain in adults.

These resources will help you understand why you are using Actiq®, how it works, how to use, store and dispose of it and possible side effects you may or may not experience. There is also a dose monitoring card to help you keep track of how many doses you are having.

If you have any concerns about your treatment or condition, please talk to your doctor.

Patient Resources

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Patient/carer’s guide to the safe use of Actiq® lozenges

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Actiq® Product Information

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Actiq® Consumer Medicine Information

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Please review product information before prescribing. Full product information can be accessed at https://www.guildlink.com.au/gc/ws/tb/pi.cfm?product=tbpactiq or from Medical Information on 1800 AU TEVA (1800 288 382).


Date of expiration: July 2025, ACT-AU-00028.