CareXone patient resources for patients treated with Copaxone®

This resource does not replace information or advice provided by health professionals. For any medical advice regarding multiple sclerosis (MS) or Copaxone® therapy, please consult your treating doctor and/or MS nurse. Content within this site page is designed as a supplementary source of information for patients prescribed Copaxone® and every effort has been made to ensure that information was current at the time of review.

Training Video: Copaxone® Injection Procedure using CSYNC auto-injector

Training Video

Copaxone® Injection Procedure using CSYNC auto-injector

COP-AU-00281 January 2021

Patient Support Materials

Frequently Asked Questions about Copaxone®

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Self-Injection Guide

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Care xone support 

Care Xone

Care Xone is a patient support service provided by Teva Pharma Australia Pty Ltd for patients prescribed with Copaxone®. Should you have any questions relating to Copaxone® injection procedure, or if you wish to order a patient resource kit, please phone or email Care Xone for assistance.

Care Xone is available Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm (AEST) on 1800 502 802 (except for public holidays) or email

COP-AU-00280 January 2021

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